Monday, November 30, 2009

15 of 52 'ANTHUM'

'ANTHUM' (35 ½ L x 30 W x 8 ½ D”) week of November 23rd

I remember Terry Gross doing an interview with Neil Young and asking him about writing music. From that interview I took away a small bit which really resonated with me, Young said, “I only try to write when I feel like writing, but if I feel like writing I don’t care what else is going on…. I will write. If an idea comes to me out of nowhere I look at it as a gift, not a distraction. Everything else in the room is a distraction. In that way I am committed to the muse, I roll with the muse.

Essentially, that stuff isn’t always around. It comes and it goes so if you’ve got it, make hay while the sun is shining. Those moments and times are special and I do believe they are absolutely gifts.

'Anthem', is composed of milled utility cedar, juniper, diamond plated sheet steel which is spray-painted enamel.

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