Monday, November 30, 2009

15 of 52 'ANTHUM'

'ANTHUM' (35 ½ L x 30 W x 8 ½ D”) week of November 23rd

I remember Terry Gross doing an interview with Neil Young and asking him about writing music. From that interview I took away a small bit which really resonated with me, Young said, “I only try to write when I feel like writing, but if I feel like writing I don’t care what else is going on…. I will write. If an idea comes to me out of nowhere I look at it as a gift, not a distraction. Everything else in the room is a distraction. In that way I am committed to the muse, I roll with the muse.

Essentially, that stuff isn’t always around. It comes and it goes so if you’ve got it, make hay while the sun is shining. Those moments and times are special and I do believe they are absolutely gifts.

'Anthem', is composed of milled utility cedar, juniper, diamond plated sheet steel which is spray-painted enamel.

Monday, November 23, 2009


'TANGERINE BURRITO 2' (21 L x 18 1/2 W x 7 1/2"D) week of November 16th

I used to think if you didn’t pick out a color from the vast array of sample cards at the paint store within two minutes your eyes would get desensitized, you’d end up spending half the day in the paint shop and spend a bunch of money on sample paints. Inevitably, your paint day would then drag into a paint week if not a paint month. So, when I picked “blue bauble” to paint our kitchen an old school diner blue I was minding my two minute rule. I almost didn’t get the color just because of the name, but I was going with my gut. The test results are in and my gut doesn’t have to live with the color…my eyes do.

Tangerine Burrito 2’, is crafted mainly from a couple pieces of powder coated sheet steel. They are recycled from an old art piece which I recently decided to cannibalize for materials. They are tensioned together with hardware and aluminum aircraft cable. This simple piece is set inside a funky old frame compliments of a local thrift store.

Monday, November 16, 2009

13 of 52 'FERUS'

'FERUS' (7 3/4 L x 10 3/4 W x 4" D) week of November 9th

This one is for my Grandmother who thinks I should put a sheet behind the sculptures I photo so people don’t see all the crap in my shop.

Art is art-as-art, and everything else is everything else

Ad Reinhardt, ’25 Lines of Words on Art Statement,’ Art International (December 1962)

Ferus is composed of a mini frame which boasts laminate stripped from an old school Steelcase desk. A crafted steel support attaches to the frame which displays the chunk of juniper, I had this piece of juniper floating around forever knowing I'd run across the perfect application for it.

Also, If your looking to get some good music added into your mix Hurtbird is coming out with a new album in a few months.

Thank you for checking in!

Monday, November 9, 2009

12 of 52 'ROCKRACE'

ROCKRACE (23 ¾ L x 20 W x 3 ½ D) week of November 2nd

Rockrace is set within the fame with supporting wood strips which house a chunk of 1” thick plexi. I countersunk a bunch of holes and dropped little rocks inside the holes. These rocks are special because they came from a pretty incredible place and have been tumbled to shinny perfection. A ¼” top sheet of plexi sandwiches all the rocks in place. Hemlock fir comprises the frame surrounding the plexi, while CVG ply is used to give a Japanese like look to the outer supporting wood strips. Behind the rock stripe is a piece of Cherokee red (Frank would be happy) laminate, to make it fast.

My apologies for the picture, I’ll be reposting a better shot once I get the opportunity. To make up for it I’ll be showcasing an aside piece along with next week’s post. Stay tuned and as always thank you for your interest!

Also, check out some of my talented friend’s sites: and

Monday, November 2, 2009

11 of 52 ' SECUNDA'

'SECUNDA' (20 3/4 L x 17 3/4 W x 3 1/4”D) week of October 26th

I’ve been spending a lot of time in a particular area just outside of Bend, trying to get my fill of autumn color and last minute exploration in before the snow starts flying at higher elevations. Last week I was roaming around an area which I am fairly familiar with. It was getting dark quickly so I decided to begin my loop back to the truck. I came to a section where I always spend a few minutes scanning for rocks. In this area was an old, partial deer skeleton which, over time, had been reduced to just the spine and a couple ribs. What was strangely odd, if not a bit spooky this particular evening was somebody had broken apart each vertebrae and placed them at the base of every downed tree in the general area. Each vertebra was thoughtfully placed and oriented in such a way that it immediately spoke of ritual. Upon realizing this pattern I got a quick chill up my spine.

What really got my imagination going was as long as i’d been going to this area I’ve never seen a soul and rarely find any evidence of people. In fact, I can normally tell where I had been from week to week by my foot prints. I picked up a few of the vertebrae and took them back to where they belong, thinking this would allow me to control the situation and reclaim my area. As I was about to pick up another vertebra I notice that the only foot prints in the general vicinity where my own from a few days prior. I turned and kept walking away. Even my dog Big was on full alert which had me looking over my shoulder quite a bit.

Secunda is set into a sweet plastic frame and is comprised of CVG fir, laminate and steel posts which support the rocks.

Happy belated Halloween